Tool supported integrated building designing – Theis Anderson

Project name: Tool supported integrated building designing

Project student: Theis Andersson

Project status: May – August 2013

Publication: Værktøj til Integreret design af bygning 303 (officiel aflevering)

Course type: Master project

Supervisor: (Al)Fred Heller, DTU Civil Engineering in cooperation with Campus Service, Rørdam og Møller Arkitekter and Alectia consultants.

Summary: The project aims at improving the integration of engineering support in the design process of architects at early stages. This is done in a real case where three buildings at the DTU Campus are connected by a new complex consisting of 2 prolongations of existing buildings and a connecting glass atrium. The goal is to improve the tool set for sustainable designing developed in the previous special project by Theis and demonstrate the applicability in the case study.

Vision talk: The project implements “tool supported integrated designing” into the development of a sustainable university campus, hereby supporting the vision of sustainability in general, but also the goal to enable architects to design their ideas based on engineering knowledge with minimal distribution in work flow.


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