Investigation of WSN Applied in the Building Sector – Christian Orthmann

Project name: Investigation of WSN Applied in the Building Sector

Project student: Christian Orthmann

Project status: October 2013 – February 2014

Publication: Thesis – Christian Orthmann

Course type: Master project

Supervisor: (Al)Fred Heller, DTU Civil Engineering

Summary: The idea in this thesis is to introduce Wireless Sensor Technology into the building lifecycle. After some cases of the application, the demands towards the technology is analyses and from these, the requirement defined. In a set op experiments the ability to meet the requirements is tested and documented. After first trial with less mature WSN implementations, a final implementation with Waspmotes was carried through, finally implemented in Greenland on a building case, supported financially by the Bjarne Saxhof Foundation. The solutions will be tested after the ending of the current work.

The work is published in and at a conference in April in Sisimiut in Greenland. A third paper is under development to be published in summer 2014.

The goal of this thesis is to simplify development of wireless sensor networks for the building industry by creating a generic model that eases wireless sensor
network (WSN) design and targeting all phases of the building process. To do so, the most important design parameters were identied and explained. The
performance of each design parameter was then evaluated with wireless sensor units in order to illustrate the limitations and implications of the design choices.

Acknowledgment: The current work is supported by the Bjarne Saxhof Foundation – Thanks to the foundation – without this support, the work would not have been realized.


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