Proposal: EnergyLab Nordhavn – Huge opportunity for Tech Nerds

The EnergyLab Nordhavn is is investing min. 150 mill. DDK into a living lab of tech solutions that aim at solving the sustainable future city challenge. There are project opportunities en mass – If you are looking for a tech project, here you have the opportunity to make a difference. The investments into hardware, internet communication, data storage, buildings, components are made – you can concentrate on doing the tech development, research, innovation.

There are projects for sustainability, energy, building automation, software development, modelling and simulation, planing, monitoring en hardware, data management, data science and much, much more … What would you like the future city to give you – here we may have the opportunity to test it.

For non-tech nerds – there are opportunities for user-related research, economical studies, anthropological studies, you may even make some architectural-cultural studies … – We work together with the relevant research institution to make this realistic.

The project can be found online at:

Contact (Al)Fred Heller.


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