Tools for Agile Commissioning of HVAC Systems

By Kevin Tran

Development and testing of smart system for balancing of ventilation ductworks based on Wireless Sensing Technology

The purpose of the thesis was to make the initial steps for future work of possible improvement and automations of the HVAC balancing procedures. To enable easy and automatized re-commissioning of the ventilation system in terms of pressure balancing, this project focused on developing such a system. In addition a simulation model was created representing the experimental setup of which the system were tested.
The methods applied in this thesis were initially concluded a literature review, and afterwards it were expanded to include both hardware development and simulation using the tool Simulink.
A simple wireless balancing tool were developed and able to both measure and control a damper position according to a user defined set point. The system performance initially showed a promising settling time and a relatively stable system response. The simulation model provided conformity of the proposed system dynamics.
In conclusion, the initial steps of improvement and automations of the air distribution system balancing procedures were made. The balancing tool proved being able to balance a single branch according to a given set point, along with a simulation model extending the balancing of two dampers, and thereby making the more complex future work possible.

Supervisors where: Jakub Kolarik, DTU Byg.

You can find the thesis master-thesis-kevin-tran-s093385.


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