The ProjectMap blog is intended to be a presentation of the work by students and staff from DTU Civil Engineering in the area of “Smart Energy Cities” through “Smart Buildings” and a holistic approach towards the complexity of cities/communities.

The goal is to inspire, share and work together on overall sustainable solutions for us and generations to come.

THE VISION is basically to contribute to a sustainable world through research and development. This is done through:

  • knowledge sharing
  • research and development
  • development of all kinds of
    • methodologies
    • theories
    • tools
    • technologies
  • that enable better understanding of the matter
  • support knowledge-based decision making
  • bring alone more energy and resource efficient built environments
  • better indoor environments
  • for the whole world population
  • without compromising the future generations opportunities.

Let’s see, how it develops.


(Al)Fred Heller
Assoc. Professor, Ph.D. M.Sc.Eng.

Deputy Center Leader for Strategic Research Centre – CITIES
Center for IT-intelligent Energy Systems in Cities
Researchers in the Nordhavn Seeside Project
and much more …

Building Physics and Services
DTU Civil Engineering
Technical University of Denmark
Department of Civil Engineering
Cities Office, Building.303B, Room 043, DTU
2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Mobile +45 41 25 20 20


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