LabView for generic experiments – modul for data handling – Morten Sørensen

Project name: Creating a generic Virtual Research Environment

Project student: Morten Sørensen

Publication: Master thesis (Feb. 2013)

Software: Available – contact us.

Course type: Master thesis, Eng., Autumn 2012

Supervisor: (Al)Fred Heller

Summary: The project aims at developing a Virtual Research Environment based on NI LabView measurement and data handling software. The idea is to replace old laboratory experiments with this generic setup. NI LabView by National Instruments (NI).

The project result is a first prototype of a LabView program that is encapsulated in a module that can be applied to the task at hand. The module is able to handle the communication in and out of LabView, through, connections, files, web services and such like. Inside the module you can do whatever you want, and pipe it out to the relevant target.

More than one module can run in parallel but there are some limitations due to the way LabView is handling its naming and memory.

Relations to other work: The current prototype utilizes the measurements from the work by Christian Orthmann through a web service interface.

Vision talk: The idea is to introduce such data collection software, such as LabView, into a complete Virtual Research Environment (VRE), that is handling al the digital research and related education.

Next step: The next step would be to implement the prototype in a experiment. If you are a student at BYG, please come and talk with me about a project on this topic.