Proposal: Infrared cameras for occupancy detection

Using cameras in public places does lead to conflicts with privacy. This may not be the case using infrared cameras. We have installed such a camera at DTU campus and we would like to work with the data from the camera to count people in a building, how people move around and such like.

One source for infra-red camera could come from the control system at the library section of DTU. Here we have an alternative counter system that could be used for comparison and validation.

Are you programmer, or software developer, or you are able to do picture analysis, then this project would be relevant for you. Please contact me.


Proposal: Commissioning & BIM – DTU Building 202

DTU Campus Service is one of the frontrunner for commissioning and BIM. The newest project Building 202 is “state of the art” in these processes and there is a lot of knowledge to gain by being part of these processes.

We are looking for students that qualify

  • the commissioning process for the building
  • the BIM delivery process

If you having interested with respect to such processes, you will be part of the most ambitious building developments in our time in Denmark. We would prefer to have a team of students to do the work in combination.

We will be the right supervisors in close collaboration with DTU CAS, consultants and architects. Contact med for getting it started

Proposal: Smart City – Data Management

Smart Cities do build on understanding and utilizing data from any kind of source within a city. This can be water, energy, people, IT, cell phone information and what ever data there is available. The data has to be collected, stored, described – simply managed. The data size is huge and we are part of Big Data.

Therefore there is demand for projects carried out on Smart Cities Energy data and other data. It is just your imagination that puts limits on the variate of possible project context that you can work with in your project. Cooperation between students, groups, clusters are very welcome – cross-education and cross-domain activities are necessary, hence IT people will work together with building and mechanical students and specialists.

Se e.g. the CITIES research centre for our research goals and ideas that have to be supported by the project ideas here.

Please contact me through: (Al)Fred Heller.

Proposal: Smart City Campus Risø

The DTU Campus in Roskilde – RISØ is developing fast towards a smart energy campus with monitoring systems, smart grid, RES implementations and much more. This is a unique opportunity to work with a real life case of a mini-Smart District. One idea could be to transfere knowledge to the other Campi. It is also important to look through the tools, software, procedures and others to evaluate the tools and compare them to alternatives for similar tasks, amongst the results presented in IEA EBC Annex 51.

You can arrange the project according to your competencies and study.

Proposal: Slots- og ejendomsstyrelsen – Energirenovering af Herregårde

Der findes store værdier på Herregåde som kræver god indeklima til disse genstande. Det er et spørgsmål of fugt og temperatur. Indtil nu har man holdt temperaturen højt, men pga. ønsker om energibesparelser vil man gerne sænke temperaturen. Dette medfører evt. problemer med fugt på f.eks. malerier, bøger osv. Derfor er det et spørgsmål om optimering af disse forhold. Det er helt oplagt at udbydes som studenterprojekt i samarbejde med Slots- og ejendomsstyrelsen. Der er ikke aftalt noget med disse og det kan være at SBI, AAU eller andre er aktiv allerede.