Proposal: Batchelor Level: The typical Danish 2010, 2015 and 2020 building

Every time a student or researcher, also companies, have to find the demand for a typical building, they struggle with finding a good example to base the dimensioning on. Old buildings behave very different  but the new buildings behave probably rather similar for the main building body and the main energy system, as for the user influenced parts of the energy system, the variation is rather large. We will focus on the first part.

The aim of this Diploma Thesis is to find the energy demand for typical Danish buildings of different types for the 2010, 2015 and 2020.

You will have to describe the buildings (generic to cover as many as possible buildings variation in a few types), in CAD and BIM.

You will build up an advanced model for each type and compute the time series in hourly, possible other time intervals.

You publish the whole to the Internet for students and researchers to use.

Additional ideas: We can use cluster analysis and similar on big data sets to support your modelling work.

If your are interested, contact (Al)Fred Heller.


Proposal: Temporary Housings Performance Test

At large scale renovation projects, the people living in the flats have to find temporary housing for the period of renovation. At Sorgenfri, Virum, there are such housings, at DTU Campus there are others and for refuges, there is a project going on that rent temporary housings for municipalities.

The current project aims at giving a survey on such solutions, an analysis of the technical designs, the experiences with their thermal performance, their indoor environment and such like. Especially the solution proposed by Venligbolig is to be analyzed. Evt., if relevant additional solutions with better performance ought to be proposed on basis of simulations and evt. experiments.

Contact (Al)Fred Heller.