Virtual Research Environment

It is a goal to develop en platform that is comprising a integrated system that supports research and education. Such a platform is here called Virtual Research Environment, whereas this virtual “world” is in direct connection to real world experiments in labs and full-scale experiments, monitoring and such like.

A first step in enabling a prototype of a VRE within the monitoring and control software LabView, is presented by Morten Sørensen (2013). Data can be collected from anywhere, amongst them wireless sensor networks that are developed by Christian Orthmann (2013).

There are several definition of VREs, where Wikipedia summes it up to:

A virtual research environment (VREs) or virtual laboratory is an online system helping researchers collaborate. Features usually include collaboration support (Web forums and wikis), document hosting, and some discipline-specific tools, such as data analysis, visualisation, or simulation management. In some instances, publication management, and teaching tools such as presentations and slides may be included. VREs have become important in fields where research is primarily carried out in teams which span institutions and even countries: the ability to easily share information and research results is valuable.

The virtualisation part of knowledge is takeled by a student project by Lærke and Mads…. {ToDo}


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